966 Bushwick Avenue,

Brooklyn, NY, 11y221 USA


Calvary & St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church

The History of Our Church​​

​Calvary Episcopal Church, founded in 1849, was built on this site in the then fashionable suburb of Bushwick in Brooklyn.  On Sunday, February 6, 1910, two weeks after celebrating its sixty first anniversary, the church was completely destroyed by fire. The present church opened its door to the community on Sunday, March 5, 1911. St. Cyprian’s Church founded in 1922, was located at the corner of Warren Street and 3rd Avenue in downtown Brooklyn. It was later relocated to the corner of Bergen and Bond Streets.  It was not long before the building proved too small for the large crowds of mainly West Indian Anglicans. At the insistence of Bishop DeWofle, St. Cyprian's was merged with Calvary in 1957, and the new parish of Calvary and St. Cyprian’s was born.

​The building’s internal architectural splendor, is a credit to the faith and generosity of our Christian forefathers and  an inspiration to us today. The cross on the front of the high alter, was fashioned from stone brought from Calvary in Palestine and placed there by Bishop Stires in memory of a former rector, Reverend John Williams. The side alter in the church is the alter of the old St. Cyprian’s Church, a memorial to its only rector, Reverend John T. Ogburn. Calvary and St. Cyprian’s first pastor was the Reverend Edward V. Kitson-Walters who never became rector.

​Thanks be to God

We thank God for the life of this church; for the blessings granted to our past and current Bishops, priests and congregation; for its work and witness, its services and sacraments. We are especially thankful for the members of this church who have faithfully served the community of Bushwick.  We pray that we may inherit from our ancestors, their spirit of devotion and service, so that by his grace we may continue to support our church, our community and our members in the worship of God.  May we move forward unceasingly, to do his works to the glory of his great name.

The services in this parish reflect a mixture of the rich flavors of West Indian Anglicanism and American Episcopalianism. A captivating mixture indeed !

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